Compaction Plates

Our range of compaction plates are great for working in small areas, e.g. cable and pipeline trenches, then up to larger projects. They are all petrol operated and have low hand arm vibration.

Compaction plates are also known as ‘Whacker plates’ or ‘Vibrating plates’.

We can offer short and long-term hires to suit your business needs. We offer a delivery service to suit your needs. If you prefer to collect, majority of our compaction plates are designed to fit in the boot of most standard cars.

Ideal Scenarios for the Compaction Plates

This product is what it is, it will be the compaction plate you need it to be and is:

  • The lightweight design of the machine allows the user to easily move and transport the machine.
  • It is light enough to easily allow the operator to reverse the plate themselves.
  • The ‘compaction’ plate means that it is compact and able to fight into more confined areas.
  • Fits perfectly into a car.

Typical projects the compaction plate is used for

  • Compact sub base and asphalt on driveways, car parks and repair jobs.
  • Compress different types of soil and gravel.
  • Make smooth small patches of fresh asphalt, or tighten up dirt in a utility trench.

What is great about the product?

The best thing about this product is that it’s compact and a lightweight easy to use product. It is perfect for quick little jobs and any sized project as well.

What we have available:

  • Minipack 300 Vibration Plate
  • PCLX 320 (13”)
  • PCX 13/40 4.0 Honda Petrol

Please get in touch for some prices

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Specifications of the compaction plate

These specifications are based on a standard size PCX 13/40 Honda 4HP Petrol Powered compaction plate.

  • Brand: Belle
  • Width: 400mm
  • Weight: 81 kg
  • Length: 720mm
  • Petrol Powered

What people say

“Great versatile, easy to manoeuvre, compact enough for collection in most cars.”

Wul Gairns, Plant Fitter

Delivery or Pick Up

Delivery is available for this product, prices may vary depending on the distance from our depot in Alloa. Pick up can be completed from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm at our hire desk in Alloa.

ALL whacker plates are available both for hire and for sale.